Hannah and Bradley’s grandparents come for a visit. Grandpy and Grandma are birdwatchers. They take their grandchildren on a nature walk through a backyard apple orchard to look for birds and learn some fun and interesting facts. Together they enjoy a delightful family outing in nature.

About the Author and Photographer:

Multi-genre author Jennifer W. Smith grew up in New England. Jennifer’s parents, longtime bird watchers and advocates, have instilled in Jennifer the joys of watching and caring for backyard birds. Jennifer has collaborated with her father, Steve Brown, to bring this children’s story to life. Steve has been photographing birds for many years and his photographs are used in this story. This father/daughter team have treasured passing down their knowledge and appreciation for nature to Jennifer’s children, Steve’s grandchildren, Hannah and Bradley. They hope you enjoy this family and nature inspired book. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to foundations protecting bird conservation.

Great for Home Schooling


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