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Contemporary Romance

Do you love sensual romances where the good guy gets the girl? If so, you're in the right place! Take off on an aviation inspired adventure with the Landing in Loves small-town, big-love series.

~These aviation inspired novels are standalone titles~

Flight Plan Front Cover.jpeg


Wesley Scott’s impact in the video game market rockets his career. But everything is about to change if he can’t come up with the next phase of Dragon Rock. No number of mindful meditations can get him unstuck. Time is running out. During a weekend wedding extravaganza at his mentor’s mansion in Oldport, Rhode Island, Wesley meets Ava who not only inspires but challenges him in the most thrilling ways. This gorgeous ex-military helicopter pilot turns out to be the muse he needs. Now all he must do is spend enough time with her to write her sparkplug persona into the game. But Ava flies out of his reach.

Ava Baxter is fearless and determined to make huge changes in her life. But retiring from the army and looking for work in the private sector plummets her altitude. She returns to civilian life and her ten-year-old son, realizing this is a vastly different world to navigate. When offered a summer position flying for a big-shot gaming guru, she’s torn. Working for someone she has a smoldering desire for could thwart her plans. Diverting from her flight plan is exactly what she’s trying to avoid.

Turbulent Kisses Front Cover.jpg


Florida raised flight attendant Penny Montgomery never leaves home without her swimsuit or an extra pair of nylon stockings. This holiday season packs flights with an abundance of gift-wrapped packages and testy passengers, but Penny doesn’t mind because she’ll finally have Christmas off this year. However, two days before, the local weather stations are in a frenzy reporting a nor’easter. The storm-of-the-century is bearing down on the northeast threatening to dump several feet of snow. A last-minute schedule change leaves Penny stranded in a remote Down East, Maine airport with no hotel room and no return flight in sight. Destitute, her savior comes in the form of a ruggedly handsome passenger.

All-American businessman Lincoln Wilder spent years building the family business into a modest empire, but it’s lonely at the top. Disillusioned with his jet-set lifestyle, for once in his life, he wants what his brother has—a wife and family of his own. These days, reconnecting with nature and settling down to raise a family in his hometown of Alpine Cove are where his thoughts wander. Lincoln runs into an unlikely prospect who shakes down his confidence and awakens powerful feelings he hasn’t known before. He should fasten his seatbelt as this becomes the most turbulent ride of his life.

Falling in love at Christmas Front Cover


Landing in Love Holiday Special I

Airline pilot Trevor West survived a plane crash. That one death-defying moment sets off an avalanche of life-altering events. He unexpectedly becomes a single dad and leaves the airline. Needing a fresh start, he heads to Evergreen, a sleepy Connecticut town. But finding a suitable home proves impossible. He temporarily rents an apartment on the grounds of a Victorian mansion. The introverted owner, Prudence, piques his interest, especially when she bonds with his five-year-old daughter. As the holiday season approaches, he helps decorate the grand house for the annual Holiday Home Tour. But despite their growing, mutual attraction, Pru seems to avoid the mistletoe—at all costs.


Prudence Nightingale has a secret. The locals have kept it hush-hush. Writing under a pen name has kept this best-selling novelist out of the spotlight. Helping a friend, she begrudgingly rents the apartment over the garage to strangers. Pru plans to avoid this handsome newcomer and his inquisitive daughter, eager to finish her latest book. But her plans evaporate when her meddling sister enlists their help in decorating the stately home for the tour. The little girl brings Christmas alive, but with a deadline looming, she cannot spare time to get involved. And a distraction, such as the extraordinary Trevor West, is the last thing she needs.


This heartwarming, small town romance is packed with Christmas chaos and cheer. Can they find love or will they go their separate ways as the holiday lights burn out?

Protecting my love at Christmas Front Co

Landing in Love Holiday Special II

Max Carboni isn’t looking for love. As a US Federal Air Marshal, he knows a thing or two about national threats and security—but next to nothing about running his family’s garden center. While on suspended leave, after an airport situation turned bad, he returns home to the sleepy town of Evergreen, Connecticut to help his ailing mother. He left years ago to serve and protect his country but now finds himself looking after a beautiful woman and her daughter. Can what he feels for Freddie keep him in Evergreen, or will the call of duty beckon him back to DC?


Floral designer, Freddie Nightingale, is in financial trouble. Business is slow in the winter. And taking on the floral expenses for her sister’s Christmas wedding might just break the bank. Working at the local garden center helps, but when a Secret Santa leaves her gifts, she’s leery, especially when one is meant for her seven-year-old daughter. At least with the owner’s brawny son, Max, around, Freddie feels safe. But his overprotective, dominating nature makes her crazy, tangling her tinsel.


Can their relationship bloom or will their mutual attraction blow a fuse?

Rescuing my love at Christmas Front Cover.jpg

Landing in Love Holiday Special III

Luke Hoffman’s had feelings for his sister’s best friend for years. The personable, energetic Latina seems to have a soft spot for him, too. Problem is, this tempting beauty is engaged, and he can’t compete with her upper crust, influential fiancé. Although he questions fate when a mayday call sends his Coast Guard Air team scrambling into the chopper to search for an overboard passenger. Luke, their rescue swimmer, pulls a semi-conscious female out of Nantucket Sound’s freezing waters—the woman in his arms being none other than Sofia.

Marketing guru Sofia Rivera came to the States to live life large, so landing a big-name client on Nantucket Island would be a huge win for her. Keeping her visit to Cape Cod discreet, she fails to mention it to Luke, an honorable, broad-shouldered hunk, who she shared a forbidden kiss with last year. Her plans go awry when her secret heartthrob becomes her hero.

Can they navigate these choppy waters? Will they sink or swim?

Ground Control Front Cover.jpg


Floatplane pilot and tour guide Kat Kavanagh educates tourists about Vermont’s local environment—sometimes evoking too much passion. A conservation crusader with high ideals, Kat’s principles are compromised by money given to her from a dirty settlement. As if tarnished cash isn’t bad enough, when her ex-boyfriend returns home after three years, he’s in desperate need of an investor for his farm. Too bad she vowed never to use the money or ever speak to him again.

Environmental engineer Tucker Grant returns to Vermont from Honduras after a devastating earthquake shuts down the humanitarian project he worked on. With his health and livelihood affected, he settles a few miles from his college sweetheart. He hopes to recuperate while juggling a new career path—and just maybe rekindle his relationship with the girl he never forgot. Seeing Kat again awakens a powerful longing for the girl he regretted leaving behind. Can he earn her forgiveness?

Will he act like ground control, changing her course? Or will she maintain altitude, flying out of his reach forever?

Holding Pattern Paperback Cover.jpg


After the tragic loss of his wife, Cole Miller’s not ready to fall in love again. Isolated, he pores over charts and monitors the weather when not at the helm of his boat. So when this Cape Cod lobster supplier runs into a beautiful tourist, fate entangles their lines. This sophisticated lady rekindles his desire, summoning an inner storm and, causing him to question if he can move on from his past.

Begrudgingly following doctor’s orders, billionaire Veronica Lang takes time off from running her corporation and rebranding her airline to recuperate at her newly built seaside mansion. When she gets involved with a hunky lobsterman, she regrets lying about her identity. Cole may be the distraction she sorely needs, but something about him soothes her damaged soul. Keeping secrets could ruin her health, her relationship, and her company.

Will Cole catch her hook, line and sinker? Or will she be the billionairess who got away?

Defying Gravity Front Cover.jpg


I’ve made many mistakes in the past and it caught up with me, almost destroying my life. Moving to Massachusetts was the only way to start over. Hellbent to not make the same mistakes again I start living by rules put in place to protect myself, especially when it comes to women.
While volunteering as a coach and mentor for the youth basketball league I’m paired with Olivia, the assistant coach who manages to push all my buttons. The energetic, wide-eyed brunette has the natural talent to get herself in some precarious situations—situations I always seem to get involved in. No matter how hard I try to stay away from her it’s as if fate keeps on pushing us in the same direction. And the more I fight it, the more I seem to fall for her. Not even the memories of my past can stop me from wanting to be with her.
What happens if I end up falling for Olivia? Will my mistakes come back to haunt us both, or will I finally be able to break free from my tainted past?


International Adventure

Eleanor (Nora) Clark realizes the key to an interesting life is eluding her. Never leaving the small Pennsylvania town she grew up in, living in a house her fiancé bought his ex-girlfriend, and spending weekends helping in the family business. She realizes life is passing her by as her twenty-ninth birthday looms on the horizon. Why hasn’t she taken any gutsy chances in life?

On a whim, she applies to become a flight attendant. Suddenly, she is jetting off to London, Rome, and St. Petersburg where she finds herself romantically entangled with three very different suitors. Eleanor’s new life exceeds all her wildest dreams.


To find fulfillment, Eleanor must discover success, confidence, friendship, and love. As her daydreams become reality, the choices she makes both build and break her heart. But her last choice decides it all.

Flying Backwards Book Trailer

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