The Forsaken Pearl

Coming this September: THE FORSAKEN PEARL ~ Broken Water series Book 2


Recruited to stabilize the duel realms, Harmony Parker is followed into the human world by her new husband. Kodiak left everything behind to be with his mix-blooded wife. He soon realizes he’s lost a vital part of himself caused by the portal crossing—his ability to remain underwater for an extended period of time. Adjusting to their new life tests their fragile relationship, especially when he is offered work on the Great Lakes expedition, ultimately leaving Harmony alone in the world once again.

In the alternate realm, Finn becomes chieftain. However, his old enemy Gale returns threatening to interfere with the peace between Finn’s tribe on Niagara Falls and the clans on the New England seacoast. Gale schemes to abduct Harmony and force her to help Finn stop another foe—the Water God.

Evolution shifted in the realms over the last century, allowing a new race to emerge. The result has the Water God fascinated with Harmony and her unique abilities. Harmony is propositioned by the god, who she believes drowned her entire family. Harmony must choose her fate or risk losing those she loves most!


Suijin was keeper of the dual earthly realms. His unique connection began with early life forms in the oceans. As plant and animal species, and eventually Homo sapiens, evolved, he’d observed the progression of the modern races. Human evolution had surged through the centuries with peaks and plummets of progress and devastation.


Harmony’s eyelids fluttered. She focused on the cloudy vapor around her. It was daytime, but the fog was thick and she could only make out tree trunks, the branches erased. Her nose wrinkled at the pungent smell coming from the stagnant water all around her. Wiggling her fingers, she felt dry grass beneath her; her feet were at the water’s edge. Hearing distant ocean waves, she adjusted her focus slightly. She blinked again to be sure she wasn’t hallucinating.

In knee-deep water stood an almost naked man, his only clothing a narrow strip of leather that hung across his square hips. He stood in profile, abdominal muscles rippling with each slight movement. Her eyes scanned upward to his broad chest and lingered there. The definition of his muscles led her to believe he was strong and powerful. The sweeping upward motion of his arms made her blink. His face tilted skyward, his fingers combed back his black hair and worked to secure some strands in a knot at his crown. He stood, surely a figment of her imagination, surrounded by swirling white smoke, his jet-black hair contrasting against it, flowing like wet silk between his thick shoulder blades. The outline of his straight nose, full lips, and perfectly chiseled chin couldn’t be real.

Wow, some dream!

After he secured his hair, he dropped his arms to hook his hands at his waist. He swiveled his head to look right at her.

This is no dream! She recognized him—it was a face she’d never forget! Suijin, the water god!

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