Press Release: THE FORSAKEN PEARL now available on Amazon

Introducing…the release of THE FORSAKEN PEARL

This is book two in the Broken Water Series. It’s an all new adventure across the duel realms both human and Aquapopulean. Recruited to stabilize the duel realms, Harmony is followed into the human realm by her new husband. Kodiak has left everything behind to be with his mix-blooded wife, but soon realizes he has lost a vital part of himself caused by the portal crossing—his ability to remain underwater for an extended period of time. Adjusting to their new life tests their fragile relationship, especially when he is offered work on the Great Lakes expedition, ultimately leaving Harmony alone in the world once again.

In the alternate realm, Finn becomes chieftain. However, his old enemy, Gale, returns threatening to interfere with the peace between Finn’s tribe on Niagara Falls and the clans on the New England seacoast. Gale schemes to abduct Harmony and force her to help Finn stop another foe—the Water God.

Evolution shifted in the realms over the last century, allowing a new race to emerge. The result has the Water God fascinated with Harmony and her unique abilities. Harmony is propositioned by the god, who she believes drowned her entire family. Harmony must choose her fate or risk losing those she loves most!

Author's Note: Hard work pays off...

It is beyond exciting when I open the box labeled Amazon which contains my paperback proof copy. After the unending tasks I complete each day to bring this book to life and hold it in my hands gives me that rare feeling of gratification and accomplishment. As a writer so much of my time and energy goes into these stories, for me it’s similar to creating life itself – giving birth. These characters are my children. Through the process, at times, I have doubts wondering if my writing is good enough to give readers a compelling tale worthy of their time. Again, it’s similar to motherhood – Will I be a good mom compared to others?

Good fortune has shined upon me. I have two beautiful, healthy children who ground me every day. And when strangers tell me how much they’ve enjoyed my stories and want more, I feel even more blessed. So if you get a chance to read my tales, please leave a review or comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Available for download in Amazon's Kindle Store:

Paperback release coming soon

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