Look who I met...at the Fall in Love with New England Reader/Writer Conference

I went to my first Reader/Writer Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire over the course of a weekend in October. I met so many great ladies. Let me just say romance writers are a fun group to hang out with! The weekend started with a meet-and-greet Apple Social where I met readers from California to Canada. Next I attended panels hosted by some of the authors. They chatted about writing and played amusing games. (There were 50 authors and 100 readers!) Dinner followed with a costume contest and dozens and dozens of giveaway baskets raffled off for the readers to take home. The readers got to trick-or-treat in the hotel that evening by stopping at the author’s designated doors. How fun!

The next day continued with panels and a lovely luncheon. In the afternoon the authors and I had a book signing. We wrapped up the day with a pizza party and a romance movie, The Princess Bride.

I can’t wait to attend next year! Keep in mind you can attend too!

Author Jennifer W. Smith
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