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I’m a former flight attendant turned romance author. I’ve been writing all my life, and I use my travel, and life, experiences to write my fiction stories. My debut novel Flying Backwards is about how my character makes huge life changes. Eleanor Clark's choices affect her family, where she lives, her job, and who she falls in love with. It's a journey of self-discovery.

As an author, I love meeting readers and to hear what they like to read, and what's interesting to them. While attending book signings, I often get asked what Flying Backwards means. How did I come up with such a curious title? In this excerpt of my contemporary romance, Flying Backwards, I give some insight to this question.


Nora left for the airport and worked to recall all she had learned in her six-week crash course on the way. She found the crew room and checked in on the computer. She made her way to the gate; the gate-agent allowed her down the jetway. When she got to the plane, the pilots were making their preflight checks. The lead flight attendant introduced herself and eyed Nora suspiciously.

Nora confessed this would be her first working flight. She remembered how embarrassing wearing the TRAINEE badge had been on her training flight. The smirks from passengers had been unnerving. She hoped she could harness her nerves and avoid an emergency visit to the washroom. Otherwise, vomiting each flight would prove disastrous, she thought with dread.

“You’ll be in the coach cabin. The jump seat is just behind first class. Do you remember what equipment you need to check?” The lead flight attendant was stern but polite.

“Yes, I’ll go do that right now.” Nora’s hands felt clammy; she discreetly wiped them on her uniform. The other flight attendants arrived just then. They were much friendlier. One of them walked Nora through all the checks, showed her where to stash her bags, and gave her tips. Nora was grateful.

Nora’s smile was in place as the passengers filed on; she assisted them as needed. Before she knew it the hectic boarding process was over, and she was buckling herself into the flight attendant jump seat. The helpful colleague was buckled in beside her. They sat backwards, facing the passengers. She bounced along as the plane taxied out onto the runway. Over the continuous exhale of the air vents she could hear the plane engines rev. The aircraft sped up and lifted off the ground. Nora felt the seatbelt press against her chest as momentum pushed her forward. Here we go, Nora! She flew backwards, up, up, up into the sky.

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