Holiday Book Release Party

Facebook Holiday Book Release Party

I'm wicked happy to be a part of Author Marianne Rice's Facebook Cocoa & Carols Release Party. If you like romance books, holiday stories, and lots and lots of FREE giveaways then please come to our party.

Check out this new release ~ COCOA & CAROLS

Cocoa & Carols

Finishing up his patrol as the sun sets on Thanksgiving Day, officer Patrick Johnson stumbles across a woman and her dog sleeping in her car. She refuses to go to a shelter and masks her dire condition, but the Johnson manners run deep and he finds himself inviting the stranger to his parents' Thanksgiving dinner. Before the meal is over his heart grows soft for her and her scruffy dog. Trying to make ends meet as an understudy in the local play isn't enough to keep Jocelyn fed and a roof over her head. She doesn't like handouts but the police officer with shoulders that could compete with Captain America and the kindest eyes she'd ever seen leaves her no choice but to go with him to his family's home. She's instantly greeted with warmth from his parents, brother, and sisters, and before the meal is over, she believes in miracles. Their newfound friendship turns quickly to something more, only Jocelyn doesn't plan on staying in Maine for very long. Her lifelong dream is to star on Broadway and Patrick has no desire to leave his small town. Will her dreams and his stubbornness get in the way of their relationship? They'll need a Christmas miracle to help them find their happily ever after.

Defying Gravity (Landing in Love)

You'll have a chance to win my latest release, a contemporary, small-town romance ~ DEFYING GRAVITY

I’ve made mistakes and they’ve caught up with me, almost destroying my life. So, I had to start over. Hellbent on not making the same mistakes twice, I put rules in place to protect myself, especially when it comes to women. While volunteering as a coach and mentor for the youth basketball league, I’m paired with Olivia, an assistant coach who manages to push all my buttons. The energetic, wide-eyed brunette has the natural talent to get herself in some precarious situations—situations I always seem to get involved in. No matter how hard I try to stay away from her, it’s as if fate keeps pushing us in the same direction. The more I fight it, the more I’m drawn to her. Not even the memories of my past can stop me from wanting to be with her. What happens if I end up falling for Olivia? Will I be able to start over with her in my life or will my past end up crushing us both?

This is just a couple books...there is so much more. See you there!



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