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Paranormal Romance

Dive into adventure with mystery, sacrifice, and romance in the Broken Water Series and the Wiccan Haus series

Broken Water Series

Emerge into an alternate realm. Learn how this parallel human-like race evolved from the oceans and how one Water God rules over the realms. This saga of love, betrayal and adventure will draw you in. The twists and turns will surprise you.


Broken Water Series: Book 1

Harmony Parker is called home from college after another mysterious family drowning. She worries she’ll suffer the same fate. Her life is threatened when a hidden discovery found in a New England town sends her into an altered realm. She uncovers a secret that not only connects her to this world but could explain the drownings.

Underwater treasure hunter Kodiak Night is solicited by a unique beauty. He’ll help Harmony get home but what she asks puts their lives in danger. He’s willing to risk it—for a price. Journeying into unknown territory, threats arise from sirens to sea serpents but none escalate higher than his conflicting feelings for a human. How can he let his greatest treasure go?

Harmony will face deep-rooted fears, heartache, and an awakened ability she must learn to control—all while the water god watches with keen interest.

The Rare Pearl Book Trailer


Broken Water Series: Book 2

Harmony thought returning to the human realm with Kodiak would settle her life. But adjusting to marriage tests their fragile relationship, especially when he’s offered work on the Great Lakes expedition, ultimately leaving her alone in the world once again. Soon dire circumstances require Harmony to go back through the portal. She aids her friends, but only with the help of the water god, a powerful and sexy idol responsible for drowning her family. Evolution shifted in the realms over the last century, giving her the ability to physically stop him. The result has the water god fascinated with Harmony and her unique abilities. He propositions her. She wants to return to her beloved Kodiak but must choose her fate wisely or risk losing those she loves most!


Broken Water Series: Book 3

Harmony Parker has captivated Suijin, the water god. With her dual heritage and unique abilities, she is unlike any living creature he has ever encountered. He wants her—but she is married to Kodiak Night. On the cusp of her reunion with Kodiak after a lengthy separation, the god steals Harmony away to his hidden island and tries to win her heart.

When Suijin interfered in her life in the past, it resulted in tragedy and death. But things are different now. Harmony’s affection becomes divided between a man and a god. Also her magical power that connects her to the oceans of the realms grows further making her feel less human. She struggles to adapt to her new abilities while controlling her rising passion for her captor. Her personal battle has begun.


Wiccan Haus Series


The Wiccan Haus Novel

Scorned siren, Luna, seeks to heal her broken heart on the mystical Wiccan Haus Island, but she doesn’t have a reservation. So, she sneaks onto the island, hoping they’ll let her stay and rent a room. But there has been an assassination threat against one of the Wiccan Haus owners, and Luna’s unscheduled arrival makes her a prime suspect.

Nate, a Sasquatch working for the Para-Elite Force, has come to the private island undercover, posing as a guest. He must flush out the assassin. When he’s assigned to trail the hauntingly beautiful siren, everything goes sideways, and Nate is shaken to his core with yearning and desire. His soul mate could be the assassin, and he may have to choose between duty and love.

***Luna is a spin-off character from book 3 in the Broken Water Series: The Vanishing Pearl

Welcome to the Wiccan Haus

Something wiccan this way comes to a mystical mysterious island where authors get to play and bring their love stories to life. At the Wiccan Haus you will meet Rekkus, Cyrus, Sage, Sarka, Cemil and Myron, all of whom return in most if not all the stories. Yes each one will eventually get their HEA as well.

We hope you enjoy the stories from all the authors and return time and again to keep up with the staff and meet new characters along the way. But fear not if this is your first or twenty-first story each book stands on its own. If you want to know more about the series please sign up for our newsletter.

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